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Past Shows
10/10/08 Silent Shout at Teranga with Put the Rifle Down, DJs Digits and ARP 2600
10/07/10 Imperial Pub w The Dead Are Those Who Have Died, Unheimlich Maneouvre, Nwodtlem, Binge Ninja
10/07/09 The Keith Cole Experience w Tomboyfriend, Revenge Pregnancy
10/06/30 Canadian Media Guild Outdoor Show at the CBC Broadcast Centre
10/06/18 North by Northeast at Velvet Underground w The Scarlet Fever, People You Know
10/05/15 Silver Dollar w Viviv, Isle of Dogs
10/03/25 Building Blocks Release at The Gladstone w Emma McKenna, The Pining, DJ Ludwig Black
09/10/01 Pop Montreal w Brides, Animal Monster, Hank, The Pining, Emma McKenna, PDF Format
09/09/18 Queen's University Grad Club, Kingston, w Hot Panda, PS I Love You
09/09/02 Xpace with Animal Monster
09/08/06 Leonora Moreno CD Release at The Painted Lady w Emma McKenna, VIVIV, Southern Charles
09/06/24 Cheap Queers at Buddies in Bad Times
09/05/14 Books & Bands at The Boat
09/04/29 Blocks Showcase at The Gladstone w Emma McKenna
09/03/24 The Cameron w DJ RobRRRt
09/01/10 Keith Cole's Needle Exchange w Sharron Matthews
08/10/30 Art City fundraiser at The Gladstone
08/09/20 CineCycle w Animal Monster, Philippe Blanchard, Amy Lockhart, Keith Cole
08/06/20 The Gladstone w People You Know
08/02/20 Rhubarb Kickoff at Buddies in Bad Times
08/01/27 Wavelength w Soft Copy and Sleepless Nights
08/01/11 Silver Dollar w Katie Stelmanis
07/12/13 El Mocambo w Vampire Weekend
07/10/20 Sneaky Dee's w The Doers
07/10/02 With Nifty at Teranga
07/09/15 Queen West Tailgate Party
07/05/18 Lee's Palace w Electrelane
07/04/27 Lee's Palace w LOE
07/02/10 Flaming Hearts Party

The Painted Lady, Aug/09 - photo Ian Strang - projection Philippe Blanchard

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