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Leonora Moreno Review: Ben Rayner's Reasons to Live, Toronto Star, April 2009

The first full-length from the dark-witted Toronto duo of Michael Barry and Cameron Groves is a sexy/nasty slab of droning electro-pop sleaze, and my new favourite thing. Imagine Beat Happening, A Place to Bury Strangers and the Neon Judgement doing lots of drugs together in a Hamburg fetish bar and you'll get the gist of this dour gem. Acidic monotone vocals, battering drum-machine beats and a whole lotta art-house style caught in a radioactive glow of sawing violin and over-cranked guitar. If "Catherine Deneuve" and "Big Fires" don't make you wanna pogo, there's something fundamentally wrong with you, and "The Tunnel" is just freakin' evil.
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Blocks Recording Club is distributing Leonora Moreno to record stores - it's No. 000055 in the Blocks Catalog.
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1 Unpopular 2:49
2 Musik Machine 4:12
3 Rad Adapter 2:07
4 Catherine Deneuve 1:41
5 Pairs 2:14
6 Half a Man 3:26
7 I Seen the Dog 3:00
8 White Light 3:26
9 Big Fires 3:33
10 I You Me 3:35
11 Hey Stranger 1:22
12 The Tunnel 4:46


Review in Exclaim! by Pras Rajagopalan, October 2008

Twitchy art school dance floor rock is the name of the game for the Torrent, and itís a game they play rather well. Especially endearing is the knowing smirk with which this Toronto duo deliver their pulsing three-chord punk bursts. Lyrically, gratuitous name checking of cooler-than-thou icons abounds ó Giorgio Moroder, Luis Bunuel and, um, Sonny and Cher ó but I donít think this bunch care much about lyrics, which is part of why this is such a fun listen. That the tunes are succinct and infectious definitely helps ó the piercing synths of ďPairs,Ē for example, are sure to inspire many a bout of uncoordinated dance floor revelry. Still, itís hard not to shake the feeling that these beats are a little neutered on record; Iím sure the Torrent are even more of a French-kissing good time live.
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ep07 came out in December 2007 and spent three weeks in the national Top 50.

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